Saturday, October 15, 2011

I actually finish some things! Yay! - R

 It took me all morning to rip out the sleeves and sew them back in.  i decided that I was NOT going to put pleats in the sleeves and just made the arm scythe bigger.  It worked. Huzzah!  Sleeves are eased, no pleats and the dang things are hanging the right way.

Then I decided that before starting to sew on Roger's vest (which I had cut out the night before), I would finish my stuff as much as possible.  I finished the waistbands on both the crinoline and the petticoat, sewed hooks and eyes on all of the and dressed Esmerelda (Oh, yes, the dummy has a name - Esmerelda).  Esmerelda lists a little from side to side.  I'll have to look into that, but now now. She's also a little taller than I am because I want to see the bottoms to the skirts to make sure nothing is hanging out.

And here is Esmerelda in all her glory.  All she needs is the front bodice closures, her "engageant" white undersleeves, and her bonnet and she is done enough to wear to the Dicken's Faire.  All the other trim will be done only if I have time.

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