Monday, October 17, 2011

My daughter's dress - Lisa

We are not done yet, but we're close!  Our due date has been moved up since she plans to wear the dress to various Halloween events. Here's a rough idea of the finished outfit.  She needs to add the buttons in front and finish and trim the sleeves, bottom of the bodice and the bustle and apron.

I'm really pleased with my first experiment working without a complete pattern.  The bodice used parts of two patterns, the bustle part pattern, part me, and the apron was all me.  It has been a great learning experience. 

In addition, recall that I had to accommodate flute playing!  There are gussets in the armscye, a zipper in front (covered by buttons) and the bustle and apron are separate from the bodice so she wouldn't have the additional weight when she
lifted her arms to play.  And just for fun, here is the picture she sent me as guidance, and here she is.  Again, her outfit is still not complete, but the silhouette is awfully close.

Completely separate from my personal costuming, my son participated in our local haunted house where the theme was (again this year) Pirates!

He brought home a red velvet woman's jacket as part of his costume (no, he didn't know it was a woman's jacket) and a tricorn hat.  He wasn't excited about having a great costume, but his choices were limited.  I made some non-permanent alterations adding black cuffs, a placket in the back, and some shiny gold trim.  He liked the results, and ended up sharing the jacket with friends because it was just that cool.

Sharing his jacket with his pirate friend

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