Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shawl Collared Vest continued - R

Why is it that you cut material out of the same pattern piece and they are radically different? Because one is slippery stuff and the other isn't, that's why.  So the slippery stuff (stretch polyester charmeuse) ended up shorter in length by at least an inch, so I added a strip at the bottom.  This came out so backwards that I'm just going to hand stitch a lot of the finishing work (you can finagle a lot more with hand stitching than you can with machine stitching) but I had to press it first to get an idea of just where I needed to add material. I stitched the armholes to check and it looks good. The back needs better pressing.  I can't get a tailor's ham in there to press open the seam properly so I'll be looking for some wooden thing to put in there to help press it.  I'm going to tack the lining to the interlining on the inside, then fold the top collar into the facing, thus hand rolling the collar.  Then I'll top-stitch all around by machine.
I'd kept the downstairs setup from our sewing bee.  I actually like working in this enlarged space rather than in my cramped office, but the stuff has to go upstairs today because of a dinner party on Saturday. Waaah!  I liked my little factory.

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