Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bonnet lining, flat lining, the work just keeps lining up - R

I'm figuring out this bonnet-thing as I go and am so surprised by how it's coming together. I ruched the lining, stretched it back out to fit and hand sewed the edge to the hat edge. Next I'll machine stitch it to the brim so the ruching will have a chance to stay in place.  After that, I'll hand stitch the the lavender brim top down.  I've already sewn the strap/ chin tie so that's ready to go.  The last step before decorating will be to dye and stitch down some sort of edge trim.  I thought I ordered some Petersham ribbon (looks like grosgrain, but can actually bend around curved edges better), but I can't find it! (Yes, my neatly organized fabric/notions storage room has gone to hell.) I can't wait to decorate the hat.  Victorians went overboard in their decorations.  When in doubt, add more stuff!  There is no such thing as excess decoration to a Victorian which is a radical departure from my normal style of dressing.   Sweetie!  You had me get you white Petersham ribbon.  It is in the bag I'm bringing on Saturday. Well, dang it, no WONDER I couldn't find it!!

Last night I cut out the pieces for the Pagoda Top.  I meant to interline it in canvas, but I grabbed the more expensive coutil by mistake and cut the whole thing out before realizing my mistake.  Oh, well.  It just means that my top will be built like a tank, lots of structure and "body". I'm flat lining the pieces together and will treat them as one piece for sewing, instead of the more modern technique of bag lining that we are used to.  For the edges I'm thinking of using the blackberry colored Silkessence to make piping.  That material is very thin, normally used for lining, so I'm not sure what I'll have to do to it to make it stand up to piping. 'Tis a puzzlement.

I ended up making self-facing piping in the silk that matches the underskirt of the ballgown.  Since it's cut on the bias, the stripes are bias and it looks really cool. You can see that on the post of the Sewing Bee.

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