Monday, October 10, 2011

Sewing Bee - 12 hours of fun

We spent 12 hours catching up on stuff that we needed to get done.  It was hard work fun.  Really!

 Lisa - All I really have left to do is to address the oddness of the closure at the top of the polonaise.  Partly because of my bust, and partly because I didn't follow the instruction and to do ALL the bust and waist correction from the darts,  I now have floppiness (see below). Robin did take a lot of pictures, including me goofing off while getting my 20 lbs plus of outfit on.    That is corset, two petticoats, skirt and polonaise.  On top of a tank and bra.

Nothing is all that heavy, but there's just so much of it.
And then some close ups of trim. Lisa did a fantastic job on this trim. I don't have the patience to pleat all that and I don't know how to crochet so that pretty much guarantees my trim will be different.

 And finally, some pictures of me fully dressed and mugging it up.  We spent some time adjusting the bustle tapes in the back and I still need to tack them down.  When I finish this hand sewing I will be done.  All that I have left to do is accessories (including hat decor), and I'm well down the road there too.

Keep reading after my pictures for Robin's pictures and all of the work she did on Saturday.  Check out the oddity at the top just won't lay smooth.


After we took these, I returned to street attire and helped Robin fit her bodice and started tracing renaissance underclothing patterns until the young-uns showed up with all of their stuff.

Robin - Here she is ripping out here sleeves the first time.  She had to re-sew them because we needed to refit the shoulders.  And we had to do it twice because she wasn't wearing the crinoline the first time.  She also created this beautiful corded piping for her bodice out of silk that matches the bottom tier of her skirt. 
She used a cool technique that makes the piping self-facing. 
 This is a couture technique I learned from Threads magazine but never had a place to try it. I love it!

When she on the crin, the fit of the shoulders changed again.  One thing of note...both of us had trouble fitting the shoulder area of the Truly Victorian patterns.  We both love the patterns, but are now aware this will be an issue for our bodies.  Her bodice still needs the hem at the bottom, and her corset needs stays.  This will resolve much of the crinkling in the lower back.  Her bodice really is like armor.  This from the woman who had to pin the shoulders and sleeves.  Re-sewing the shoulders and sleeves twice, along with sewing down the piping was hours and hours of work.  And while she was doing that....the girls showed up.

Valerie's dress is about half done.  The sleeves needed to be sewn in and the bodice needs to be trimmed.  She worked on that.  In addition, we're making a separate layer with a bustle and 'apron' in the front.  We got the bustle sewed to twill tape and draped the apron front.  Since she'll be playing flute in the dress, we are avoiding adding too much weight to the bodice along with the soon-to-be-hidden zipper and gussets in the armpits.  The bustle and apron are in the same fabric as the bodice, and the center front trim matches the skirt.  Then there is ruffled lace around the edges and down the front.

We were joined by another friend who wants to learn to sew.  She brought fun Halloween theme fabric to make pillowcases.  An excellent way to start learning to sew.  We sat around sewing, drinking tea, and teaching each other new and innovative curse word combos.  We made a horrific mess in Robin's house.  And we made some beautiful clothes....

OK, we worked on making beautiful clothes.  Nothing is done yet, except the pillowcases.

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