Sunday, October 9, 2011

Would you trust your corset to this man? - R

I'm running out of time and that means I need to ask for help, which I hate to do.  In order to work on making bias tape for the Pagoda Top, I had to ask my boyfriend to grommet the corset, thus imperiling all my work.. I explained what needed to be done, took a deep breath, and prayed. He did make a rookie mistake in his placement, measuring from the edge of the top and bottom grommets and measuring from the center for the rest. He was...upset. I explained that his job now was to match - exactly - the other side of the corset, then the grommet-ting will become a "design decision" instead of a "mistake". He actually did a beautiful job on the installation.  Unbeknownst to him, however, there will be a lot more grommet-ing in the future for the Renaissance outfits. We'll see how he does on the other side tonight, but with his help I cut and stitched together all the striped bias material.  Lisa was going blind sewing on individual hooks and eyes and texted that she needed some inspiration so I sent her this picture of me cutting out the bias strips, (used my rotary cutter for the first time and decided I'm going to have to invest in a much larger cutting pad for this thing to be useful) and Roger getting ready to hammer grommets on my granite kitchen counter (until I shooed him to the garage workbench where mallets and hammers may be wielded with impunity).
Using the rotary cutter, my strips came out better than I'd ever done them before, but being the perfectionist that I am, I still dismayed that they are not perfect.  There's another technique that Margo Anderson recommends in her Elizabethan pattern instructions that I'll try next time, but for now, this'll have to do.
Next up: Sew the bodice pieces together for the final fitting and start making strips of blackberry Silkessence for ruching/decoration.

The pictures helped.  I only have 4 mores eyes to sew, and I want to do a try-on before I sew them down.

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