Monday, July 25, 2011

Brainstorm from a Sleepless Night - Robin

The only reason I was going to make two different hoop skirts (cage crinoline and a farthingale) was because I could NOT figure out how to adjust the hoops in the bottom "bag" portion of the skirt once it was sewn shut.  Last night, however, my brain wouldn't turn off and I saw that dang light bulb over my head saying: Use the epoxy to glue on snaps instead of gluing the hoop ends together permanently. So I'm going to try that on a little leftover piece of hoop wire today to see how that might work. If it does, I'll be able to adjust the hoops for different styles AND I'll be able to collapse it to get it into a suitcase, something I really didn't think about until last night.

Oh, yea, I also envisioned many different ways to trim the skirt and the pagoda top, turning them every-which-way in my mind. Stay tuned....

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