Monday, July 25, 2011

Accessories and Underthings - Lisa

I'm ready for another fitting on my muslin for the Polonaise but I can't do it until next weekend.  In the mean time I must have dreamt up 15 new projects.  But it's time to stop dreaming and start getting things done. I decided to make a petticoat using the 1895 Skirt pattern at Tudor Links 1895 Skirt because I want to use it for an actual skirt and this is a great test.  This pattern is free but not actual size, so I needed to do some math to make sure it would fit me.  It was surprisingly easy to figure out and went together quickly.  I'm using twill tape for a waistband since I have a lot of it and it's fast.  Since this pattern worked well for me, I'm going to go ahead and make a new brown skirt out of a nicer fabric to wear under the Polonaise.

I made ruffles for the bottom but can't attach them until I've got a hem.  There is no word for the special tedium of hemming ruffles.  The ruffles should give me a little more volume at the bottom. 

I also removed the drawstring from a taffeta petticoat I already had.  The new waistband solves the problem I was having with a lopsided hem. 

All that's left is a chemise to wear under my corset.  Underwear? Check!

With a little spare time, I am revisited crocheted lace.  My grandmother showed me how to make doilies when I was just a little nugget, and I haven't done it since, but I was thinking that I could make lace for my sleeves and neckline.  Not because making it myself is so much better, but I can't find anything I like that isn't onerously expensive.  For the record, it is possible to find lovely patterns on line and free.  Unfortunately, trying to read a pattern makes my brain melt.  So I'm making it up myself.  Again.  And trying to remember to write some notes as I go.  First I made fingerless gloves.  I still need to finish hanging strings and add a button closure and probably some decoration. Now I'm just finishing lace for my sleeves.  It's pressed but not starched which will give it more shape.  It ruffles nicely when the edge is straight. I'll make something similar around the neckline.  I may make some for the hem.  I'm not ready to commit to that just yet. 

I now inhabit a world of beige-y sameness.  I am really looking forward to moving ahead with some color.  This Saturday, Robin and I will be helping each other with fittings and hems and comparing ideas for trim.  Theoretically, I will be able to start cutting the plaid after this. 

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