Friday, July 29, 2011

Attack of the Hoop Wires - Robin

OK, so plan A didn't work, on to plan B. I drilled tiny holes between the wires in order to stitch the hoops together (and while I was at it, I applied the Dremel to my dog's toenails - not a success, but that's another story).  Since I couldn't find any white tool dipping liquid anywhere (local or online) I bought some clear spray, sprayed it into a plastic cup and dipped those suckers.  Unfortunately, hoop wires were springing all over the place, duct tape was sticking everywhere I didn't want it to and I couldn't get them to hand straight down (it didn't help that boyfriend was in the garage completely revamping the tool bench, so finding anything became a chore in itself...)Here are the drilled and dipped hoops in all their glory. All I have to do is wait for 4 hours until I can play with them. On to something else.
Next, I had to apply aluminum tips to hoops 1 & 2.  What a pain in the posterior this was. I had 7 tips. I needed four. I really did destroy three until I resorted to super glue to keep the suckers on.  Won't know if this works until tomorrow. There's GOT to be a better way (there is - a machine that does it for you, but unless you are doing this as a business, it is prohibitively expensive - hence, the super glue.) So, the stupid tips are on and now I have to cut material for the hoop casings. Not a good thing to do when one is pissed off, so I'll go watch some Dr. Who, have a glass of wine, and continue tomorrow. (I'm also a bit peeved because the dog I wanted to adopt was adopted 21 hours before I could get to the shelter - rats! Wasn't meant to be...THAT calls for yet another glass of wine!) See ya tomorrow for the big sewing get-together.

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