Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rob's Project Wish List

I was reviewing all the projects I've got lined up and I started to panic a bit. I now vow to stop buying fabric until I get through at least three quarters of the projects  for which I've already bought fabric.  Here's my Wish List:

Finish Vic day dress-The due date is August 4th for the Dickens Picnic, but I want the bodice done right away.  The skirt can wait while I keep working on the corded petticoat.  I have a cage crinoline made for a previous dress as my backup, but I can't hem the skirt (or attach the waistband) until I decide which one I'll be using.
Corded Petticoat - I only have 5 rows of cording done.  This is tedious and I go "white blind" quickly
Renaissance outfits for Rog and Rob- I have the fabric but not all of the trim.  I keep changing my mind on what I want my dress to look like.  Roger's outfit will be first and I plan to finish his doublet muslin this weekend and cut out his "pumpkin pants", sewing them up first so that the doublet will fit well over them. I was going to do the doublet first but, upon further research, found out it's better to fit the doublet over the pants and shirt. The shirt is done.
1912 Project Dress - I've downloaded the pattern and read about other sewists trials and tribulations with this dress.  I may just get this up to muslin stage in my size and put it aside for later.
Polonaise outfit in Seafoam green and black - I have the fabric and I borrowed Lisa's pattern.  That's it. I haven't done 1880's yet, so I'll need to make the bustle cage, too. This one is due in March of 2013, I think, for a Sherlock Holmes dance.
Decorate lavender Vic dress (actually finish it????) - I never really finished trimming this one as I ran out of time for last year's Dickens Faire. It is rather plain according to Victorian standards and I want to gussie it up a bit more.
Ballgown bodice for lavender Vic dress - The muslin is cut and fit for this and I have leftover fabric. I've read that Victorian women often had a ballgown top and a day top for one skirt.  Makes sense to me.  The Pagoda Sleeve on the day dress do make for some heated dancing, so I'd like to get this made up sometime this summer. I also have enough plaid material left to make a cotton ballgown bodice if I ever get around to it.  Maybe I'll work on both, but AFTER Ren stuff is done.
Regency - I bought some white Dotted Swiss on sale. I have the pattern, but I will need to make the corset before I even think of altering the pattern.  This one is a back-burner and I'm still lurking in the interwebs for inspiration.
1920's day dress for September 2013 Gatsby picnic - (Roger really wants to go!)I have some cotton voile fabric that may work, but no pattern. Gatsby can be either late 20's or early 30's and I just don't know which one would look best on me.  1920's would be more comfortable, but I have a feeling I'd look like a tank. Trolling the webs for inspiration, still.
Victorian capelet- I bought some lightweight midnight blue wool and some gray charmeuse satin for the lining.  I have the pattern for a full cloak but I want to make an elbow length version with a lot of ruffles along the edges. This has no due date, I just want it.
Cloak  - I have the pattern but am still looking for a sale on black wool. This cloak could be used for a variety of costumes, from Lord of the Rings to Victorian. And I just like capes.
Eowyn dress or Arwen dress - PEERS will be having a Lord Of The Rings Ball in 2013. I want to be an elf, but Lisa suggested we go as the Warrior Women of Rohirrim. I got the patterns (I love Joanne's pattern sale.  For 99 cents, it's worth it to buy the pattern just for a sleeve I like!).  I have linen, but this is in the future stack, also.
T-shirts/Tunics - I have several lots of knitted jersey that I'd like to make into tops.  Will I ever have the time? Who knows

As you can see, the Wish List is...extensive. I'm not one of those people who stick with one time period - there's a beautiful costume just waiting for me in every decade. I just have to keep my nose to the grindstone and keep on sewing.

I love this post!  We are so the same, and yet so different!  I too have this many things on my plate.  Mine are mostly crazy-ass steampunk stuff.  Where Rob likes different eras, I want to play with different materials (metal and cardboard).  And I can't dance.  At all.  Lisa

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