Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Catching up on too many projects - L

I've got too many projects on my plate.....
I finished the Elizabethan corset, allowing me to check the neck on the chemise.  I've added the blackwork and lace and finished the neck of the chemise and am nearly done with the sleeves.  All that's left is to sew the sleeves to the body and a little finishing.
That means my Elizabethan underthings are done!
(on to the dress)

I'm also working on my 1850's victorian dress (yeah, yeah, it started as 1840s but it's not really happening that way)

Today Rob is going to help me pick trim so I can get moving on the skirt.  I have a bodice muslin cut but it needs work.  Once that's re-done, I can fit the bodice and get going on that. I'm locked in that nasty space where there are lots of things almost done yet I can't quite finish.  A whirlwind of if-then's that are hanging me up.

Here are my favorite trim options:

 Fabric is a pale taupe and peach plaid.  That often looks grey and pink.  I got some grey ribbon that looks violet next to it, and some moss green that looks apple green next to it.  Sigh.

I've tried a couple more ribbon options including a dark olive (top picture) and a softer celadon with a sheer center (bottom).
(sorry for bad blurry pictures)

I also have a dark grey fabric scrap that I really like next to the plaid but it's both boring and impossible to match in ribbon.  I really hate the idea of making skinny fabric strips (translated - I don't like it THAT MUCH).

Once I pick the ribbon, I will have to corset up, put on my petticoat and the skeleton of the skirt.  Then I can determine where to put the trim and where to put the waist.  I cut it extra long because I didn't know how much volume the petticoat would
take up in the length.  I can also finalize the petticoat hem.  And if I was really smart, I would re-cut my bodice muslin before I do that so I can check the new muslin at the same time.  If the bodice still needs work, I'll wait.  If it seems good then I can steamroll ahead.

See...that last paragraph...all those little things that are sort of dependent on each other, are fussy, and, and, and...I will feel so much better when they're done.

Meanwhile, the weather is beautiful.  I suddenly want to take a walk on the beach.

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