Thursday, June 28, 2012

My 'List' and my new favorite term - FARP (L)

Here’s the things I have on my list.  The stuff with a time limit is first, and the rest are in no particular order.
Must do soon!
Dickens Day Dress - in progress
Ren Dress - barely started
Dickens Evening/Winter Dress - fabric acquired
1912 skirt - muslin made, soutache 75% done
1912 blouse - a glimmer only

Hem brown cotton Steampunk skirt (it's been a year)
Shorten black skirt and add metal ornaments
Shorten white Steampunk petticoat
One last ‘fix’ to the folding bustle

Make this year (I hope)
Jacket – True Grit – no pattern, beautiful fabric
Jacket – Miltary – no pattern, grey and red
Bodice – Maleficent – no pattern - burgundy print and black lace
1911 Day dress – Peach asian print lawn
1940’s wrap dress – seaglass lawn
Ass Kraken - metal bustle with light-up eyes!  (I have the parts and materials)
Any other 1912 things that pop up.
Black or dark grey cloak - just need to find FARP (Fabric At a Reasonable Price)

BTW we are about 22 points away from level 2.  I really want to get that skirt done! 

I am also considering the LOTR and Regency and Gatsby stuff.  I know I will look awful in those so it is tough to get motivated.  Although, after a moment of inspired thought, I may do the Gatsby thing as cosplay Dora Carrington....  (trousers FTW)

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