Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seaming Drudgery & a Malfunctioning Machine - Robin

No pics for this one - who wants to see pics of a bunch of seams on fabric over and over and over again until it actually becomes something identifiable?  The fabric for my Vic skirt is actually polyester lining fabric.  I'm doubling it for the over-skirt.  It's extremely slippery so I have to sew slowly in order to keep it from sliding off the table. I sewed all the vertical seams for the over-skirt and base skirt and have sewn the bottom striped panel together. The bottom striped panel really needs something to stiffen the fabric as it is actually silk shirting, so I've decided to line it in the same fabric as the skirt. I originally ordered 1/2 yard extra, but I almost didn't have enough of the striped stuff because it shrunk so much. I ordered another yard so I can have fabric for the Pagoda Top neck trim and for the bonnet.

In the meantime, I'm having tension problems. No, not me, but the machine! Why all-of-a-sudden? Had to rip out four crummy seams and rewind a bobbin. I'm gonna get the skirt together and baste the corset together for fitting and then take it to the shop. I MUST be addicted because I'm worried about what I'll do while it's gone!

Hopefully, pics of something worthwhile tomorrow.

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  1. Oh, but I do! I do want to see photos of those piles of pretty silk with their jacked up seams! This will whet my appetite for the final confection.