Monday, August 8, 2011

Polonaise, interrupted (but more pictures!) - Lisa

This is a Pikmin.  I knew that any time now I would be obliged to make my son another Mario-related toy.  I had promised.  He called in the chit this weekend.  So in the midst of cutting and lining my polonaise, I dropped everything to make this Pikmin, celebrate the 25th birthday of offspring, and survey two beaches for the marine sanctuary.  Chaos, lovely chaos!

It was fun to sit with the 'big girls' and talk about knitting, weaving, crocheting, felting and sewing.  And hot glue.  I may have to help crank out a Dickens Faire dress for my daughter who's flute group may be performing.  Or not.

And through it all, I did make progress...

Pleat on outside of sleeve (unsewn)

I cut out the entire pattern.  I sewed the interlining to the plaid.  I made the sleeves including lining.  I lined the bustle, pleated it and hand sewed it to the upper back.  I pinned the bustling tapes to the bustle.  And I pinned the shoulders and side seams.  The following picture does not do justice (a fitted, bustled dress on a hanger???)  But it's the best I can do right now.  The plan is to pin the darts and try it on this afternoon.  If it seems to fit well I will sew the side seams and shoulders.  I will wait on sleeves and darts for a final fitting.

Hand sewing twill tape to bodice

Pleating bustle to twill tape
I'm looking forward to sewing on the trim, but I want to wait for the final fitting.  Because as tedious as all that hand sewing will be, taking it out and doing it over will be much worse.

Oh yeah!  I also made boning channels out of muslin for my cable tie bones.


  1. Maybe we need to get dress forms to show these things off - hangers don't do it justice, I agree.

  2. Not sure if there is a non creepy way to store dress forms when you aren't using them. Throwing a sheet over them would just make it worse.

  3. Put it in the closet, with the door open just a little....