Friday, August 12, 2011

Bonnet Musings - Robin

After weeks diligent research on Mid-Victorian bonnets, I finally bit the bullet and just bought a pre-made hat form. I'd had grand dreams of making my own from scratch, but have bowed to the Gods of No-Spare-Time and just bought the sucker. This is from where they have a great selection of buckram frames and all sorts of millinery supplies. Of course, I couldn't resist a few trinkets to adorn my bonnet, so I got these:

OK, this is NOT me, but a pic from Hat Supplies website of the buckram frame.
and from, I ordered these:

After I mull and cover the bonnet in Blackberry Silkessence, the same fabric that I'll make into trim, I'll use some striped silk to match the bottom skirt panel and neck embellishment, some fabric from the dress and velvet ribbon to decorate the bonnet. As soon as I get the bonnet properly covered, I'll finally have some portable hand work to do.

Addendum:  Received the stuff from hatsupply via post on Saturday!  Really fast service.

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