Thursday, March 2, 2017

I'm back for reals, with pictures - Lisa

 Its been a very long 6 months.  We had an exciting adventure to China and Mongolia.  We photographed eagle hunters (yes, just like the movie).  We both got hurt.  Robin jacked her knee hiking on the Great Wall of China.  It was a shockingly hard hike for us.  After we were safely home, I slipped on fabric on my hardwood floor.  Shattered my femur.  This happened on 10-22.  Today is the first day I've been able to sit in my desk chair for longer than 20 minutes.  During the 3 months that I was required to lay around in bed, I did a lot of knitting and tried some embroidery.

Here are fun pictures since I've been away for, well, forever:
Eagle and Eagle Hunter, phone pics only so resolution is meh...

My leg both broken and bolted together.

The dreaded peri-prosthetic fracture.

In sympathy, my cat broke his femur head and had to have it removed.

I am confident I will set off alarms in every airport, everywhere.

And now, back to business.  I said I knitted and made many things.  Most of them twice due to mistakes.  I made a shawl from cashmere, camel and yak yarn that I got in Mongolia.  I also embroidered an 18c pocket.  I had lots of bright colors that belonged to my grandmother and I used them all.  I call it the 'clown vomit pocket'.  I got to the end of Netflix.
In no particular order:
shawl and mitts from Mongol yarn

Hat from leftovers

cowl from 10 year old yarn

large throw that the cats LOVE

The mitts were a big hit.  I made a pair for Robin and for my niece. And did my first knit-a-long.
The Tess D'Ubervilles shawl or Sontag, inspired by Outlander.  I added a knitted lace edge because why not?  Its not like I was going anywhere.

had to use short rows
my walker is showing!

And finally, the clown vomit pocket plus BONUS TIARA.  Exactly what you buy online when you're laying around taking oxycontin and knitting.

no words describe the horror

giant tiara modeled by Ed the cat

That's all for this post.  I'll be back, literally, in about 10 minutes with my first garment for the HSM.

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