Thursday, March 2, 2017

HSM Challenge 2 - Remake, Reuse - Lisa

skirt over large false rump
18th Century skirt based on the American Duchess Simplicity pattern 8161.  I say based because I didn't actually use the pattern.  I just measured how big the rectangles were that comprised the skirt.
I bought a skirt at the SF Opera Sale (years ago) that was distinctly too small around the waist but had a ton of fabric in a very nice weathered brown wool.  It's been sitting in a box ever since.

The Challenge is Re-make, Re-use, Re-fashion.  I took the waistband off the skirt and un-pleated it to discover 3 panels of 60" wool.  I only needed 2 for the 18c skirt.  I ripped the side seams down about 10 inches and re-pleated each panel to fit my waist.  The I needed to hang it over my false rump and raise the front panel to make the hem level.  Seriously, that was the hardest part.  Then, simply finish the waist with some spare cotton in the ugliest gold ever seen and add ties.  I can wear the ugly picket underneath and giggle softly to myself while I wear it.

If I ever have someplace to wear it.

front panel raised for a level hem

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