Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Patterns and Plans - L

I have a few new patterns and some plans.  They are very likely to join all the other plans stacked up in the sewing room.  My 'want' is a LOT bigger than my 'CAN'.  (hey, I'm aspirational!)

I got this because I like it.  And I wanted to make a dress that I could use as 'early 30's'.  I would need to make it shorter but I think it works.  (it's 1911)  The size says bust 36" so it definitely won't fit me.  Robin and I are going to Costume Academy this weekend and one of our classes is about sizing up vintage patterns.  I've been avoiding it because of all the modifications.

I have a couple different fabrics I could use so I'm looking forward to actually doing it.  If it works as planned, I can even wear it for reals....  like out to dinner or something.  We shall see.

My other Costume Academy Class is on blocking a wool cloche.  This will be helpful to our hat making efforts.  Robin is taking a class in making gigantic wigs (so HER) and casting stuff in your kitchen (so ME).  Somehow we ended up taking each other's classes.  Good thing we like to share.

Next up, this retro styled pattern.  I just like it.  And I got a polyester print to use as a coat lining that is too awesome for lining.  So I may have to make this.  It is actually my size.

One I clear the decks of Steampunk stuff I will take a look at this.

(I need to clean the sewing room and prioritize projects AGAIN, since I tore it up getting ready for Gallifrey One)

And last, another retro pattern that my daughter really loved.  So much that she went out and bought fabric to make it.  I screen-grabbed a picture of it off her FB feed.
I could not go a week without posting pictures.

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