Thursday, March 14, 2013

Great Gatsby dress and a Doublet Update

I was vacillating between the 1920's and the early 1930's for the Great Gatsby picnic coming up in September and finally chose a pattern only because it was close to my size so I wouldn't have to modify it too much (I don't know how to create anything that doesn't already have a pattern) and this one was cheap compared to all the other vintage patterns out there.  This one is a re-release of a 1930's pattern sized up to modern sizes. It's not my favorite design by far, but I thought it would be less work. Unfortunately, I'm having problems reconciling the huge difference between how the illustration looks and how this dress actually hangs. It doesn't help that the muslin material is much heavier than the light, floaty fashion fabric I bought.

I think the whole thing looks dumpy. Maybe the belt will help.....
  Personally, I would shorten the top ruffle closer to boob height.  Pin it on the form and see.  After you put some sample shoulder pads in. L.
I sure hope this looks better with shoulder pads!

I had to recut the muslin for my SO's doublet. Thank the gods I didn't make it first, as the thickness of the pumpkin pants materials made me have to go up a size to fit over them. I did have a bit of a challenge fitting my sweetie as he fidgets and moans about the lack of a zipper every time he puts on the pants! And suddenly, these don't fit him in the waist, even though he's lost weight.  Argghhh! He'll just have to suck it up.

So now I have no excuses, I have to make the doublet. Yikes! Lucky for me this guy will wear whatever I throw at him.

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