Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cracking the whip - L

Wow, life keeps derailing my plans to be the totally under-appreciated talent in the costuming sphere that I just know I will be (when I grow up).  So I made myself cut out new metal bits for my bustle.  And I only cut myself once.  The metal is a heavier weight.  It won't age like the prior choice, but it also won't dent when I breath on it.  Frustrating.

No pictures, nothing genuinely exciting.  More to follow.

AND I did a rough fitting of my jacket muslin (a steampunk/military style jacket).  Not perfect, but good enough to cut the fabric.  Robin will help me get a better fit if we ever get a chance to sew together again....


  1. I understand the metalworking issue. My new discovery (beyond the sharp edges part) is the grinding bits on a wheel and...uh...what's that burning smell? Duct work is remarkably just like sewing, except there's more pounding and less ironing.

  2. I'm going to skip the grinding because I'll have all the edges covered. Don't think I'd survive! And the pounding is what get's me in trouble. Too enthusiastic with the rivets. And not using the right surface to pound on is a problem too. I think I have solved this. I'll post pictures as soon as I can. I'm waiting to decide on finishes first.