Monday, January 7, 2013

Coming up - Pirettes of the Caribooban, Arghh! - Rob

Next year, a group of girlfriends want to go to West Hollywood for the Halloween Walk.  Check out for pics from the past celebrations. But we decided to go as a group.  After much discussion, we decided to go as Pirates.  But not just any pirates - we are all going to buy those false butts
Foam Butt Accessory

and use them as boobs!

 So we will be the Pirettes of the Caribooban.
I don't know what the others will do, but I'm doing the bottom left of this pattern, but with the skirt and vest separate. I'm also making a second pirate outfit without fake boobage, so I'll make two different vests and two different peasant blouses. I also bought enough fabric to make a coat later if I want. I'm also making the vest and skirt reversible. One fabric is red floral jacquard, the other is black broadcloth. The pants will be a red and black stripe.
This year the dollar stores had a lot of pirate paraphenalia around for Halloween, so I picked up a pistol and a sword and a leg knife in a sheeth.  I ordered boot covers, and a parrot. I already have a spyglass (from a steampunk costume) and a sword. All of these will need to be "weathered".  And the poor little parrott?  Well, he'll get a peg leg, an eyepatch, and a little tricorn hat.
I got this nasty wig (It's called "Jailbait" on sale, the cheapest I'd seen it. Good thing, too, because the quality is terrible, but it gives the right look that I want.  Top it with a tri-corn with a lot of ostrich feathers and I'll be good to go.

I still need to find lace for the blouse and figure out how to make a HUGE Full Bust adjustment for the peasant blouse. Or will I even need to do that?  Will the normal peasant blouse cover the fake boobs?  Stay tuned...

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