Monday, January 7, 2013

1920's Dress - Rob

Looking for inspiration for a dress silhouette for the 1920s for the 2013 Great Gatsby Picnic put on by the Art Deco Society here in the SF Bay Area.  My SO expressed a strong interest in going next year.  People go all out to make it as authentic to the period as possible. I know I'll end up looking like a tank in this style as I am not flat chested.  I'm actually a rectangle with boobs.  This style will just exacerbate my figure flaws so I'm looking for some visual effect that will minimize this: vertical line, some neck interest, V-ed necks, SOMETHING. The bottom image is from Past patterns, #1965 and is unusual for the time (that appeals to me, right there) but I'm not sure I won't look like a Rose Parade float in it. Not only that, but this is NOT flapper style with the heavily beaded hanging dresses. This is supposed to be daytime clothing at a fancy picnic, so that makes it more difficult as daytime fabrics (for me read: washable) usually don't drape like the ones in these pics. Also, I've been looking at historical pics and the women look frumpy. Hmmm. Not a lot to get excited about for a curvy bod and, no, I'm NOT going to bind my boobs in the summer heat...
Evening dress, 1920’s
Evening dress by Molyneux, ca 1927-29 FranceDress, 1926Dress by Kathleen O’Connor, ca 1925 France, National Gallery of AustraliaTea dress, ca 1925

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