Saturday, April 14, 2012

Renaissance Farthingale - Robin

I finished the Renaissance farthingale as much as possible.  Until I can stand up on two feet, AND have the corset made, this is it.  The tubing is the same plastic stuff as Lisa used.  I had a difficult time inserting it until I realized that tighter is NOT better.  The tighter I pushed it, the more it wanted to twist.  Once I let the tubing have some ease in the casing, it responded well.

Here's  a close-up of the casing, made with twill tape.  I made the ends cross over, thinking I'd be able to maneuver the ends out to join them.  WRONG!  I ended up undoing some stitches about 3 inches in length to be able to join the tubes.

And just because I am proud of it, here is my first flat felled seam ever.  I used flat felled seams so the tubing wouldn't catch on anything while inserting it and to enclose all the seams.  All seams on Renaissance underwear were enclosed due to the abuse the garments took from washing.  I'm sure my farthingale will be icky grubby from dragging in the dirt at the Renaissance Faire!

Next up for us both is the Ren Corset, which promises to be a fitting nightmare!

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