Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project Update and Housecleaning - L

While Robin struggles to get back online and get some pictures posted of all the work she's been doing, I'm sharing a phone pic of us at the Titanic dance (where I injured myself dancing).  Rob is wearing a cast and I had taken off my gloves for the evening (too hot!).  In addition, my carefully curled hair had drooped badly.  BUT here are our dresses! We will have better pictures after this weekend when we tour the Palace hotel and have lunch for the Titanic anniversary.

Now that my dress and hat are done, I am taking a few days to clean up my sewing room.  It seems my 'sewing room' has spread like mold to encompass my bedroom and dining room, with outposts in the laundry, kitchen and entryway.  As I'm organizing, I'm trying to prioritize upcoming projects and remember why I bought some of my fabric.  I'm also sorting my yarn because I got a new loom and both a sock knitting book and a sock knitting board for Christmas.  And of course I went out and bought a TON of new yarn.  I took a quick picture of my 3 large yarn baskets (what was I thinking?) And a bag with fabric for two dress that I bought was on sale!
Here's what I have on my plate:
Finish the men's frock coat (1/3 done)
Make a renaissance corset.
Finish the rest of the renaissance outfit (need the corset first)
  ('finish the rest' just sounds so easy)
Re-do the muslin for the steampunk Maleficent bodice.
Make the lace bustle for Maleficent.
Make the metal bustle that I no longer need but desperately want.
Shorten the black skirt and petticoat that I recently made.
Make a 1910's day dress (can be used for everyday).
Make a 1940's wrap dress (can be used for everyday).
Make a steampunk military styled jacket.
Make a Dickens day dress.
Whatever the 1912 Project throws at us!
and this is just what I can remember....

I've got 1 grocery bag and 3 bins of fabric plus a box of large remnants.  Oh, and also three 10 yard +  rolls.  And who knows what else I will find while I tidy my space.  I've been doing this for less than a year and it's taken over all my spare time and space.  And I'm not upset about it at all!

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