Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wearing our gowns - Titanic Luncheon

I couldn't find a way to disguise my knee walker!
Lisa in front of the Palace Hotel entrance
 Lisa and I signed up for a Tour of the Palace Hotel in San Francisco with a luncheon following.  This was put on by Vintage Days which we found on Facebook through the PEERS group.  Everyone showed up in wonderful outfits, some hand made, many vintage found, but all beautiful.  Here are some photos of the event.  We even made some new friends! If you want more pics, Jeanine has them up  on her event site:

Do you think we'll all survive the voyage?

Jeanine, Shannon, Lisa and ?

The Garden Court as seen from the "Ladies Room", not a restroom, but a room where ladies could take off their corsets and relax for a bit.

OK, so I'm REALLY proud of the hat I made for Lisa.  I think it is better than mine.  I guess I used all my creativity on hers and hat nothing left!

Photography is catching on during Edwardian Times!

Architectural detail above Garden Court

A bit more architectural detail.  This is truly a lovely hotel well restored to almost its original glory.
Are we heading for the life boats?  No, just lunch....

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