Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend drudgery or how to screw up something simple - Robin

 Here's the muslin for the Dore style corset cut out and ready to fit. I've joined it at the center front to simulate a busk.  If I have time, I'll make a fitting lacer of twill tape with holes in it and tack it on. If not, Lisa will just have to pull and not pin me.
(I haven't hurt her seriously, yet - L)

The striped silk fabric for the bottom of the Vic skirt needs some support, so I decided to back it with cotton.  You'd think it would be easy to either back it or bag line it, but noooo!  The silk was so slippery that I didn't cut it straight, even though I pinned the heck out of it. So, thinks me, I'll cut the cotton evenly, lay the silk on top and use the cotton as the sewing line. That worked up to a point, until I realized that I'd sewn some seams incorrectly. So I have a part-bag-lined, part backed 21" wide 132" circumference tube. I may leave it as is, or correct it later in the week because it actually makes no visible difference, but as Lisa knows, I'm Princess Perfection and that may just irk me enough to fix it. It's just a time thing because I have to get the corset stuff sewn together or Lisa won't have anything to fit to me and fitting a corset to yourself is not something I want to do again.  Also, both patterns look...LONG! Normally, I have to lengthen everything, but the corset pieces look about an inch too long.  We'll see at the fitting.  I'd thought to use the fitted pieces not only as a final pattern, but also as the inner fabric, as it is cotton and would be comfy, but if I have to alter the length, I'll have to cut it out all over again.

Note to self: Find an alternative to that crappy folding cardboard cutting table. Wherever it folds, it screws up a straight line.  I'm so frustrated with it and I dream of a lovely (and much taller) cutting table. Dream is the operative word because there would be no room in the house or garage to store it when not in use, so I'll remain achy and frustrated. (pic of nasty cutting board on dining room table)

Today I cleaned out my machine and realized why I hate doing it. That dang bobbin race is hard to put back in. Grrrr. But my machine is sewing much better without that huge dust bunny I dug out of it.

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