Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Patterns for What I'm Making for Myself - Robin

 Thought I'd post the patterns I'm working from for my Victorian ensemble.  All of these are available at trulyvictorian.com.  Heather's designs are well-thought-out and she actually answers email queries. Great customer service.
The first set of drawings is the Laughing Moon underwear pattern. Yes, I'm gonna make ALL of them eventually.

 This is the 1858 cage crinoline shown on prior posts. It's almost finished save for the waistband.
 This is Heather's 1860's Ball Gown Skirt pattern. OK, so you're not supposed to wear a Ball Gown Skirt during the daytime, but I'm a Princess and I wear what I want.
This is Heather's Pagoda Top. I'll be making the square neck design. I may or may not fill in the neckline with a "Berthe".

Add a boatload of trim and fringe and a bonnet (and maybe a muff, if I have time) and I'm good to go.

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