Friday, November 6, 2015

Silk hats from straw trash - L

Before and After
 Think to do when you're sick in bed.  Knit.  Sleep.  Knit.  Get bored and make a hat.

My fellow blogger Robin had a pile of these cheap straw costume sombreros that she was getting rid of.  Knowing I needed a couple of big hats in the near future, I asked to take some of them.  Straw is fairly compliant, once it gets wet and some of the lurid colors could easily be spray painted.

I cut the crown off the brim about 3 rows from the bottom.  Then I folded the top row over and tacked in into place.  Next I pulled apart the bands of woven straw from the crown (seam ripper!) and used the top, patterned, part to make a round flat crown.  Then I got both parts wet and ironed them into the shape I wanted.  It takes a little patience, but damp straw will eventually take a hint....

After ironing I let them sit for about an hour and dry.  Then I sewed the crown onto the little ridge I'd made and I was done.  If I am feeling more lively, I may add a wire in the brim and spray it with sizing.

In fact, after I finished, I liked the blue and natural colors so much that I made another hat to spray paint.  And I made the crown even lower, more like a bergere which is what I want.  I have some fun plans for this hat, due up in a later post......

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