Thursday, April 2, 2015

HSF/HSM - stash busting - L

OK.  I did it.  I made the hand-woven thing wider.  I'm still not ecstatic with it, but at least it looks like what it is.  A shawl.  I will it was about two feet longer but I didn't really calculate properly when I started.  And, candidly, since this was some yarn that I got with a knitting machine about 6 years ago, I'm not sure I'd have had enough yarn.  It's only about 6 feet long so it would be perfect for a 4th grader.

I am not a skilled weaver.  I know I need to practice to get better.  I am now realizing my epic hubris in choosing a novice project to show in the interwebs.  C'est la vie.

weaving two pieces at once
I made the shawl wider than the loom allows by weaving two additional strips and crocheting them to the main body.  The join didn't come nearly as 'clever' as I'd hoped (ergo no close-up).

I learned some interesting things.  Use different weight yarns intentionally, and know what the effect will be.  The cream colored yarn was slightly lighter and more stretchy than the blue.  The result was an uneven fabric  It was also very fuzzy.  Weaving fuzzy yarn leads to broken yarn.  Fixing a broken warp is difficult and tedious.  Fuzzy yarn requires a different heddle.  Shoving the heddle into the weave out of frustration isn't a good idea.  Kick something instead.  Weaving two pieces simultaneously was slower than I thought it would be but made matching the white strip a tiny bit easier.  Trying to match plaids WHILE you are making cloth is just a BAD IDEA.

uneven edge at bottom
 I do want to point out that wiggly edges are the mark of a novice weaver.  I managed to make some very wiggly edges.  The crochet did a great job of disguising it.  I tried to take pictures with the tripod but my exposure was utter crap.

Ultimately I folded it and hung it over a door.

Now I need a reason to wear it.  It's actually pretty soft and comfortable.  And not too warm.


  1. My goodness that's lovely! And thank you so much for posting your NOVICE weaving. How are the rest of us ever to be brave enough to try it if we never get to see the beginning of the journey?

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed the process and I'm thinking of making woven coasters with cheap acrylic yarn (worsted weight, not lace weight like this). Fun Christmas gifts and a chance to burn down a lot of my cheap yarn. The heavier yarn should have a neater edge because it's easier to control.

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