Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kraken and Jacket - moving slowly forward - L

 The kraken so far...
You can barely see the plasma balls in the eye casing.  I will need to trim that back.  The gluing on the body is going slowly.  Once it is done I can add more rivets.  Then I have to add tentacles and hook it all together...  AND once that's done, I have to attach it to ME.  There are little tiny hinges on the eye casing.  The 'eyes' are now removable for battery replacement.

And I'm nearly done with my jacket.  Just need to sew on the sleeves and add buttons and buttonholes.  The pictures are different exposures.  The dark picture is a bit more realistic, but the light pictures highlights the detail.

And I suddenly found myself in charge of costumes for a kids play.   Hmmmmm

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  1. You inspire me, and I've given you an award.