Monday, January 28, 2013

Battle for Middle Earth!

Sunday Sewing day - tracing patterns, finishing touches, fitting, ideas, and....

Lisa and I have been working on our costumes for the PEERS Rivendell Revels, a costumed dance with costumes that would be worn in Lord of the Rings' world, the Middle Earth. My original thought was to be an elf (if you've ever seen my ears, you'd know why because I wouldn't even need a prosthetic!), but Lisa convinced me that everyone would be elves, so I chose to be a woman in the Rohan Court, serving Lady Eowyn. The dress is an homage to the green Eowyn dress, still missing the belt.

Lisa didn't see herself as either an ethereal elf, a Hobbit (the world's tallest Hobbit?) or a human on the side of good, but rather, a baddie.  But which one? She chose to make an rendition of a Haradrim Warrior.  In the movie, only males are shown, but Lisa chose to create what a female Haradrim Warrior would wear. I think she did an awesome job! She scares the heck out of me.
For the record - everyone wants to be the princess or the hero.  But the bad guys get all the great costumes!
And it's ironic that Valerie wanted to be a Rohirrim and ended up looking like an elf.  With two of our group already using the same pattern, I'm glad I 'stomped' out on a limb.

  For fun, we enacted a battle between Good and Evil.  and sneak a peek at Robin's collar... that is 'painted lace'.  She has a very deft and steady hand.
Evil won. (because Evil had weapons)

I spent our sewing Sunday tracing patterns for upcoming costumes ALL DAY LONG (Ugh). We fitted a muslin for Lisa's upcoming medieval gown and Lisa finished details of her Harradim costume. All in all, a productive and fun day.

Here's a quick peek at the elf dress - bad photo and not finished....

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