Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just a quick update - L

Just a quick progress update.  The collar is on.  I'm still tacking in boning and pleating the tail.  The pleating is more difficult than I would have thought.  It seems more obvious than it is.  I pin together and put it on the form.  And it hangs crooked.  So I pin again - etc, etc, redux.

After that, all I have to do is the front closure which I haven't chosen.  I have something showing up in the mail.  Maybe soon.

Also, I handful of the talented women I've met thru the 1912 Project have started up a facebook group for FBA's and other pattern adjustments around a big chest and a small back.  We are trying to band together to help each other get better at our abundant fitting challenges.  (you like that pun?)

If you are interested, contact me via comments.

As an aside, this bodice fits me.  It is tight on the dressform.  And yet I do not look as svelte as this dress form.  This is due, I think, to my very narrow back.


  1. Hi Lisa. I'd be interested in that FBA Facebook group. Also, how'd you make that collar?

    1. I'm trying to figure out how to contact you! I can point you at the editor of the facebook group so she can let you in. For obvious reasons we have high privacy settings on that group! ; )
      I made the collar by experimenting using muslin to get the right shape and drape. It took a LOT of tries. I get the curve by using collar wire. It's really the only thing that works.