Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sewing Eclipse -

What a long day it was!  We started strong and knocked down a few quick things.  We fit the muslin for the 1912 project skirt.  Quick and easy.  We made decisions on buttons and button placement on the frock coat Lisa is making for her SO.  We looked at fabrics for Dickens era day dresses and talked trims.  Some decisions were made.  We reviewed design ideas for a multi-layered petticoat attached to a single yoke (provides volume without adding bulk at the waist).

And then we got back to work on our corsets.  The goal was to baste on a lacing strip and do final fittings.  First problem...Robin forgot the lacing strip.  She gets a pass since she is handicapped for the moment and must rely on her SO to load the car, so sometimes things get left out.  We made one ourselves from some stray canvas and grommets.  The scrapped together lacing strip did tough duty all day long.  The corsets were too big.  We had already done modifications and the result was that both of our corsets were too 'tall' at the center back.  We had to trim that part.  Robin chose to take hers in at the side seam.  She talked Lisa into it too.  Lisa probably should have cut from the center back AND taking in the side seams, but....whatever....  They're done, trimmed and grommeted.  Time to start binding.

Our best break was a brief stop to watch the eclipse.  My SO got the image refracted onto a dark surface.  Yup, the sun's corona blasting around the shadow of the moon.

We;re gonna try something new.  We are going to post each garment and update that post when we make changes.  Then we'll post a collective update as needed.

The updates on the corset are under the post Elizabethan Corset
(we were just so tired of them...seriously sick of looking at them, lacing them, re-stitching them)

Frock Coat will be up soon under WWND

Dickens yoked petticoat us at Sally Petticoat

VPLL 1912 Skirt posted shortly under that title

After a day in a house with cats, Rob finally succumbs to allergy tears

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