Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Group 22 of 1912 Project High Tea - Lisa

Robin hosted a lovely high tea for the ladies in Group 22 of the VPLL 1912 project.  This was the first time that we had all met in person rather than online. It was to have been co-hosted by both of us but I was waylaid by the real world (work travel).

This was done though she is still quite heavily casted for her broken foot. The tea was perfectly lovely.  There were tea sandwiches, scones, fruit tartlets, lemon curd, and even Devon cream, and, of course, tea (Fortnum and Mason Assam Superb, Irish Breakfast and Earl Grey).  After tea had been consumed, there was also champagne.

The instigator of the project, Janyce Hill, brought some of the source material for the project.  There were actual squeals of delight.  The illustrations were simply delightful.  In addition, there is nothing quite as wonderful as the conversation among a group of like minded people.

I now make profound apologies for being impatient (yet again) and taking pictures without letting Robin set her camera for the intermittent shadows.  I don't care if my face shows up and yet, I've opted against including any pictures of myself in this post.  My dress is already well documented here and I absolutely loathe how I looks in it. (Totally unfair, as I loathe my dress just as much, if not more, than she does.  I think Lisa was taking advantage of the fact that I can't run away right now!)

Here is the group, minus Lisa and Linda, who was not in costume.  Pam (right) is wearing a blouse and skirt created from patterns from the VPLL 1912 project.  Janyce is to the left, and Robin is hanging on to Pam for dear life.

Subjects that we covered:
History of the project
Upcoming patterns
Sewing techniques (and sharing them)
Challenges in updating and modifying patterns
Costumers Guild
Costumes from other eras
How much we all love doing this.

Separate from all the tea and fun, there was a little sewing done too. (There was no sewing done on my front as my "sewing workroom", which is the dining room, had to be cleaned up for the party and I spent all my time polishing silver and washing china - R)
I need to finish my renaissance corset in order to even THINK about cutting out a bodice, or making the waistbands for the skirt and underthings.  I also need the neckline in place so I can finish my chemise (sort of made a mistake cutting the neck opening...maybe).
I've got everything done that I can.  Now I need another fitting to determine where to put the center back lacing grommets and boning.  All those boning channels are incredibly tedious to sew.

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