Sunday, October 2, 2011

Corset Channels Sewn - R

The boning channels of the corset are now sewn in. The next step is putting in the grommets.  I need to get this part done before next Saturday because we are having another sewing session.  Lisa was over for a party at my house this weekend and graciously basted in my Pagoda Top sleeves correctly so I could try it on.  The top looks like it fits fine, so I'll cut if out in the fashion fabric and have it put together for the final fitting on Saturday.  I'm a little worried about the corset because when I hold it up to myself it seems too small.  We won't really know until Saturday when Lisa can truly lace it up for me.  I hate doing all this work and not really knowing how it's going to come out.  Each channel seam has to be sewn 3 times for strength due to the stresses put on the corset.  There are four layers of material:  One of silk, two of coutil for strength, and one of muslin for the inner lining. That's a lot of material to sew through and it slowed me down.  When I got tired of looking at white-on-white, I switch to working on the bonnet so my eyes wouldn't go "snow-blind".

Who's the bigger dork?
The person who pinned and basted sleeves during a big party?
Or the person who worked on her bonnet during a stock trading technology conference?

Give Rob her kudos!  She sat and hand-sewed a Dickensian Bonnet surrounded by a bunch of mostly young male traders, intent on gettin' rich in the stock market.  She was gettin' ruche.

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