Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Turtle Seamstress Progresses - R

After a lovely trip to the Denver area (where I could not sew and had no hand sewing I could bring with me), I came home to a jam-packed schedule for the next two weeks.  I'm going to be sneaking in bits and pieces of sewing where I can.  Last night I sewed the knobby part of the busk into the corset.  It always scares me to punch holes in perfectly good fabric hoping I've marked it properly.  This time, I marked, checked, checked again and finally punched the holes, inserted the knob busk and sewed it up.  It looks pretty good.

On a side note, I ordered some Victorian boots, had to send them back for a larger size, and just got the new ones today, and entire size larger than I normally wear. I'll be wearing them around the house to mold the leather to my feet for the next couple of months.  Cute, huh? They'll be hidden under the 1860's outfit but will look fabulous with Steampunk.