Thursday, August 25, 2011

We interrupt with...Dr Who is back on Saturday!!!

I'm looking forward to a mother/son hour of indulgence this Saturday evening with a new Who.  There will be treats both physical and mental (ice cream!).

And separately, after last weekend's fittings, I felt I could cruise on through to the finish on my outfit.  What a silly girl I am!  After sewing up all but one of the big seams, I find I have finished to do.  Facings, trim, bones, seam's endless.  I am currently making lace for the neckline.  Couldn't do THAT until I could measure the neckline, could I???  And I still haven't even touched the skirt (although someone has...there's a little grease spot).

In the mean time, check out this suit that I want to make so very badly:

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  1. For the record, I would make the skirt less full and a bit shorter. Channeling a bit more 1911 and a little less Gibson Girl. L.