Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Project - Polonaise (TV 410) in plaid, Lisa

I bought this teal plaid months ago on sale.  I love the color, especially with my brown skirt.  I have 10 yards (because it was really cheap) and thought I might make a dress, but have decided to try the Truly Victorian Polonaise  (TV Polonaise) It's a light weight cotton so I'm going to line the whole thing. I got my lining today and it's very yellow. I don't like it with the teal and brown so I'm going to get a chocolate brown or rust instead. Even if it never shows, it will bug me. I'm not sure about lining the bustle but I think it will hang much nicer over the cotton skirt. The only changes I plan are a watch pocket and a secret pocket in the lower front as a shout-out to future steampunk potential. I haven't sewn with a nap since the '70's and this is theoretically a more difficult pattern than I've used in a long time. Soooo, for the first time, ever, I am making a muslin. My corset does some genuinely bizarre things to my measurements and I don't want to mess this up. I am looking forward to wearing this at my next Steampunk outing with the insect straw hat and my tea-kit belt. Probably Dickens Faire too with less aggressively bizarre headwear.  I'll try to be back soon with updates on fitting the muslin over the corset and details on the instructions for choosing cutting sizes based on my measurements.  It looks pretty helpful. 

While I'm working on this, I may have to slam out an Iggy Koopa plush for my son.  I sort of promised, but am avoiding it.  Koopalings are the obscure heart of Mario-World.

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