Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fairy Costume for Costume College - Robin

I haven't been inspired for a long time, but CoCo was coming up and I had nothing to re-wear.  I wanted a quick-and-dirty fairy costume but ended up with this.  The underdress is stretch satin.  Well and good.  The overdress is full of glitter that shed everywhere.  It was as if I had my own fairy dust machine. I'm supposed to be Moth from Midsummer Night's Dream, but I didn't like any North American Moths.  I loved the South American Moths, brightly colored and iridescent. Yes, I had traveled to Brazil last November and saw these moths in person. Many bad cellphone shots later, I decided to just look them up online.

Here is a back shot of the wings.  I had the most fun/annoying time making those suckers.  I didn't want any sharp points to avoid poking other guests but I do have the habit of "Go Big or Go Home".  You have to go through a door sideways while wearing these things. There are many fairy wing tutorials on the web. I used fabric, glue and wire. Oh, and glitter.  Lots and lots of glitter.
I'm also wearing a cut little hand jewel that I bought at Costume College and promptly lost!  Oh, well.
Nothing to add about construction, it was just a straight up build of a commercial pattern. This costume must live in a bag for the rest of its life.  I am STILL vacuuming up glitter from my house. 

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  1. My dream has been to attend Costume College, and because it always falls in my employment season, all I can do is enjoy your visits to it.
    Glitter and cat hair; they like to be evenly spread on the damndest things.