Thursday, June 4, 2015

I'm back and I've been busy - L

I wrote a nice post right before I left for Paris and Morroco.  I never published it.  Just plain forgot.  When I got back I had a full plate of costumes for the local kids improv group and cosplay for me and my son plus an assist with my daughter's costume.  Been going all out since the day after I got back. Jet lag and all.    Cosplay does amazing things to your hands!

Young Actors Worshop
This year I tried to scale back expectations and thought I only had 6 or 7 costumes to make.  It turned into 18.  The kids are encouraged to be creative and always toss me a challenge.  Here are some of the fun

Two boys wanted to be churros.  Their super-power?  Lick them and you have 5 minutes of super sugar energy.  They beat the evil psychic spy because she couldn't read their minds.  They don't have brains.

There was also an evil alien and and evil sunflower.  I have no idea why.

And reincarnation girl.  She wanted a victorian dress with Egyptian jewelry.

And a kid with his own owl costume that hadn't actually fit him in years.  I cut it horizontally below the zipper and added a 6 inch panel.  Then I cut it open on each side and added a 4 inch panel on each side.  The panels were muslin.  The rest of the costume was fun fur.  A little splatter with spray paint and you could hardly tell (from stage, anyway).  I wasn't even sure it would work.  I didn't get any pictures because i did it all the night before dress rehearsal when the kid told me about his problem (the ole' 'I can't actually fit in my costume' excuse)

My dining room table was a pile of animal costumes, kilts, superhero logos, robes, and I can't even remember anymore.

This is my last year working for them,  Next year I will be a stitcher for another theater group and get paid.  Paid poorly, but paid.  And no more dealing with parents.  Huzzah.

Then there was cosplay.  This year we decided to all dress from Naruto.  It's like the gateway drug of anime.  Very comfortable.  This is an important thing.  We also reprised Attack on Titan because my son loves getting flattered by 'older' women (20 year olds).

All the Jiriaya and Tsunade clothes were based on traditional Japanese clothing which is mostly rectangles.  I used the picture of a traditional haori as my inspiration.  Kakashi was a t-shirt and leggings with ivory knit tacked over for the design.  The bardes part was the wigs, with my son's shoes being the second hardest.  They are boots with no toes.  Also his legging wraps aren't wrapped.  They are pleated fabric made into leggings.  In Naruto, many characters have wide mesh on parts of their costumes.  I couldn't find the fabric so I had to buy wide mesh stockings and cut them apart,  That was very much NOT fun.

Mine is the Kakashi kneeling center front.

Arm bands - craft foam and scrapbooking brads on knit fabric, spray painted elastic at wrist

Cosplay hair.  Bane of my existence.

And finally, mesh over tights for leggings.  Had to do this for my arms, legs and chest.

And some really bad reference pictures that I ripped off the internet.                                                                                                                                                                                                       So now I'm back working on my 18th century court dress and the Lowell Mill Dress.  No spray paint or hot glue required.


  1. Oh, fine. Go to Paris and Morocco, drop a bunch of cool costume pix, and your family cosplay. I can't get past the grocery store, and barely get the family to eat the same food in the same house at the same time, much less cosplay. Because of this, I am stealing the mesh/leggings effect, but need to know: how did you make those churros?

    I neeeeeed to know.

    1. I hot glued felt to plastic chicken wire. Easier than pie. Big mess. Glue a strip, make a pleat, glue some more. Then I used glitter and spray adhesive for the cinnamon sugar.

  2. Hi! Can you tell me about the churro costume. Specifically how you secured the ridges? Looks awesome! Also did you spray paint the glitter for sugar? Thanks.

    1. I cut a rectangle of plastic chicken wire. I had a long bit of cheap felt and I started at one end and glued the end felt to the plastic wire. I would pleat up a big section of felt and the glue the next edge to the chicken wire abut 4 inches from the previous glued segment. When I was done, I used Velcro stricos to close it. I wrapped the bumpy felt/wire around the each kid and marked where face and arm holes should be. Took off the costumes and cut our the holes.

    2. I did use spray glue and glitter for the sugar but it didn't work well. I ended up painting waters white glue where I wanted glitter and just patted it on by hand.