Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stuff that got done - L

 For a year or so, I keep hearing that I should meet the 'other' Lisa.  The costumer for a bunch of local theaters.  And then my son got a part in a local Shakespeare production of Midsummer's Night's Dream where she is costuming.  We met.  We talked at high speed for an hour.  I agreed to help with some bonnets for Oliver and the costumes for Oberon's boys.  She gave me the plain bonnets and a box of trim scraps.  I gave her back these bonnets.  The plain red bonnet is what the forms look like before trim goes on.  They are actually not bad!  And cheap, on Amazon.

I like to call this project 'Hurrah for Hot Glue', though some of it is actually stitched.

If you're not into bonnets, please scroll down.

One of Oberon's boys.  Tree bark fabric from Spoonflower that matches the trees in the park where the performance takes place.  And, for the record, when someone says 'Do you need more fabric?' the answer is always 'YES'.

These things are knitting needle cases.
I made up the pattern myself because I'm cheap.

The mustard 'cotton' and purple is a gift for my knitting girl.  The grey/brown and winter foliage is for me.  And for the first time I can recall, something that is meant to organize ALSO takes up less space than the box the knitting and crochet needles were stored in.

There, I'm sorta caught up.  Ive been dealing with family stuff and vacation plans.  So see y'll soon!


  1. Our boys are going upmarket, so to speak.

    My teen just did As You Like It, set in Vegas, so I was hotglueing show girl tulle bustles (to make tiny people look wider - what is wrong with this picture?) and making fake earpieces for security guys. Photographer did not take pictures of Twin Elvis guys - must have a talk with that kid. Next is Lear, so all the ruined costumes we could not throw out will get a turn onstage once more.

    1. The boys really, really ARE the same kid....

  2. Okay, geek questions.

    Do you get frequent flier miles for time travel (which I assume 'he/they' must be doing to make this work) AND

    Can I use them? (the miles)(okay, maybe the portal/TARDIS)