Monday, October 7, 2013

Avocado Hoodie ~ Guacamole - Lisa

Mom...let me GO!
Months ago I got fabric to make the Avocado Hoodie pattern from Disparate Disciplines.  I finally woke up and decided to do it.  The pattern didn't go together quite as easy as my first try from Mari.  After reading more about printing patterns from PDFs, I'm pretty sure it was my computer.  I made a couple of adjustments based on the measurements provided, and from personal experience.  I added to the bust on the side front, and added length at the bustling across the front.  Basically FBA for princess seams.  I also added a couple inches to the height of the hood, and an inch the the arms.  Robin told me, long ago, that hoods are always too short for her.  I took that to heart.  I cut the top of the hood taller, but not wider. Worked perfectly.  I used the provided measurement for arm length and added about an inch BUT I didn't take account the length to the thumb hole.  So the arms are still a bit short.  They look fine but the thumb hole is a bit confining and the top of the cuff is sort of high on my arm.  It's supposed to be higher than normal, but mine is even higher than that.  I also added about an inch to the hem because I always do that.  I like Mari's designs.  They are flattering to my figure and I appreciate that a lot.

Boy demonstrates back side pocket
Confession time.  I just didn't understand the instructions for the back pockets.  Ultimately I just did them in a way that made sense to me.  They exist to allow someone walking with you to put their hand in a pocket while their arm is around you.  I don't know if the back pocket is supposed to be contiguous with the front pocket, but that's how mine is.  My son loves them.  In fact, he gives the hoodie very high marks for awesomeness.  And that's big praise from a middle school boy.

My assessment?  I'm done with knits for a while.  I find them wiggly and frustrating.  Also the painted stars on the fabric were a gigantic pain.  I was sick of the hoodie when I finished.  But then I wear it again and again.  And I get compliments on it all the time, including from middle school kids.

So I guess the frustration was worth it.  In fact, I can see myself making this again.


  1. As a parent of a middle school guy (and a high school one as well), compliments on the hoodie are nothing to be sniffed at. Sure, the dress won a prize (and deservedly so) but the acclaim of middle school boys who do not notice a thing? Ah, treasure beyond compare!