Friday, September 20, 2013

Down to the 'to-do's; - Elizabethan - Lisa

For the most part, this is it.
- I need to add rings for the sleeve ties.
- I have aglets for the ties that I have stored in a very special place.  Wish I remembered where.
- I need to pin the for-skirt to my farthingale.
- I need to add a panel in the center front because my bodice gaps a little which is frustrating because it seemed loose when I started.  Being squishy, I have trouble lacing to the same size consistently.
- And I have some decorations for the shoulders left to add.
- I should probably have a head covering.
But I'm basically done.  Hurrah.  Hurrah.  NEXT.

 We are going to the Ren Faire on October 5th.  I've never been.  I'm afraid I will sweat to death. I may have more pictures.  Or not.


  1. Dear Lisa,
    Your dress is beautiful! The royal purple and blue ...the trim...gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished outfit :)
    Best wishes,
    Anneliese :)

    1. Thanks! I've worked on it off and on, for a while, waiting for my friend to get around to doing hers. Happy to be getting it finally done. I learned a LOT.

  2. Beautiful outfit! Tips for renfaire: drink lots of water, bring a parasol, and if it's really hot, buy a bodice chiller. But not a metal one; I know someone who has scars in a very delicate area from having the metal sides freeze to her skin! Ouch!

    1. Bodice chiller? Never heard of it, and I will exercise caution. That sounds painful.....