Friday, June 14, 2013

Killing time - Lisa

It has been strangely difficult to actually retire.  For example, today was supposed to be my last day of work.  Instead, it will be my last day 'in the office'.  I will work from home for a month...  Or so....
They won't even tell me when I can leave.  I can, of course, walk out at any time.  But not with all of my money.  So I'm killing time....

(this will be my daily walk)

I have taken some walks.  And I'm trying to learn to spin.  No, not on a stationary bike because that sounds like a middle circle of Hell.  With a drop spindle.

Here's the spindle with the 9 samples of roving that I have to try as my 'homework'.  The first class went really well.  It seems fairly easy.  Then I went home....

I waited a couple days to try again.  And it wasn't easy at all.

See the green stuff that looks like troll hair?

That was my first disaster.

I got it spun but when I pulled gently it all fell apart.  I'm pretty sure its a nylon fibre so I blame THAT.

Then I moved on the some of the other fibres.
They were easier and some of what I did actually looks a little bit like yarn.  After the tan stuff I went back to knitting......

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