Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weapons! - L

 No self-respecting nasty would go out without weapons.  Nor would they walk around with weapons unsheathed.  In an effort to avoid filing and preparing for taxes, I decided to make scabbards.  And, after all, the event is in a mere two weeks...

Isn't it silly to bring a sword and a knife to a dance?  And yet, how can I be a warrior without my tools?  It would be like an elf without ears!  So here they are.  I plan to tie a fragile red sting around them as 'peace-bonded' despite they're not being real.

All of this was made with scraps and remnants and bits set aside for other costumes.  (although I seriously need to quit raiding the renaissance or just finish the darned thing)

I created the shape by outlining the weapon on my scrap of choice. None were large enough for the sword so I added a tilted tip to the scabbard.  Quite evil looking!
 I used a short bit of my renaissance ribbon trim as decoration and sliced the faux leather to weave it in place.  Then I attached it with paper brads.  See the awl for punching holes and the brad...

Then I used Rub n'Buff on additional pieces for the top edge and the tip.  I used a combination of sewing and hot glue to hold it all together.  Then I tacked down a few large gold toned beads for decoration.

Finally I used gold crochet thread to blanket stitch the edge.  I made vertical slices in the back to attach the scabbard to a belt, or, in this case, to the back of my bodice.

Close up:

I also made a flimsy knife scabbard.  It's not as neat looking but it works.  It's just sewn together with a square of ribbon glued on.  I did reinforce the top edge so the knife can go in and out without catching, and added a glued on strap-y thing to attache to my side.

I have all my parts together except a couple of buckles and my turban.  I'll need to try it on to get the proper buckle placement.  So I may just take a quick picture.

The turban (like anything hat-related) has me stumped.

Back soon!

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