Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1850's bonnet and Elizabethan sleeves = L

I've been shifting between projects and trying to get get a few things done so I can wear them to events.
First, I finished my 1850s dress, but needed a hat.  I tried to modify an old raggedy sun hat but that was a fail.  The shape was all wrong. So I used a decorative hat from Michaels.  Round crown and 4 inch brim.  Cheap.  I cut the brim loose from the crown around about 2/3 of the circumference.  I steamed the brim to match the angle of the crown.  I folded the loose edges under, sewed them and trimmed them.

And it came out pretty cute.  For a bonnet.  If you're into that (which I'm not).

Then I moved on to the Elizabethan project.  So much to learn and do.  I got all my underthings done, so I have the correct silhouette.  I made my skirt and cartridge pleated it to the waist band.  I need to hem it and trim it.  I will need Robin to help. (Neither one of us can get our dress dummies to look even remotely like our normal selves, much less anything corseted...) I also need to make sleeves and a bodice and a front panel inside the skirt opening.  And decorate the snot outta them. Not really my strong suite but I get the idea.  My skirt and bodice are dark blue.  My front panel is ivory, My sleeves are burgundy.  Very faded patriotic I just realized.
The dark blue used to be curtains.  The ivory pintuck fabric I got on sale.
Here go the sleeves - made from a poly satin remnant on sale and a heavy cotton remnant on sale.
There are three long panels.  Each panel attaches at 6 points with decorative buttons or ties.  That will be nearly 40 buttons.  *($&*#    They attach at the should with functioning ties. I want them to be very fancy.  I tried out a couple options using the giant pile of trimming stuff I've been accumulating for this project.

I sampled pearl strings, velvet, gold braid, beads, pearls and 'jewels'.  The option on the right won.  The cat is optional.  In fact, that's a nearly finished panel.  The color on the left is more accurate. I also agreed to make 36 buttons for Robin BEFORE I discovered I need nearly 40.  They take longer than I thought.  And I'm making us flea-furs.  I made the bodies ages ago along with sample buttons (see They Mate for Life).  I also made little paper clay heads.  I used Rub 'n Buff to make them look gold and I'll hot glue some jewels on their heads.  Fancy!

And finally.....
progress on the VPLL 1912 project blouse.  Very shabby pic and I'm stuck until I decide what I'm doing about the 'embroidery' on the collar, cuffs and peplum.  Also a sample of the lead contender for embroidery.

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