Monday, January 9, 2012

Learning the hard way - L

I cut the muslin for my new bodice this weekend.  It's mostly a hot mess, but I like the peplum, and the added pleat in the center back.  I'm thinking of using a different fabric for the pleat.  Not sure, just thinking.  The top of the bodice is wrong in many ways.  I expected to have problems.  The pattern is a jacket and designed as outerwear, and bust size is always a problem, especially when I'm in corset.  I successfully managed to add two inches in the bust and raise it about an inch.  I left too much room under the bust seam and need to take in quite a bit.  I didn't realize how much extra room is built into outerwear.  (I even cut a size smaller!)   I'll need to take it in all around the ribs and waist. And smooth the back.  And do something about the gap at the waist.  

Here's the mess. And the best picture I could get of the fabric.  Ah, shiny, reflective polyester!  I'm going to need Robin to help me re-pin all of these seams.  I haven't managed pinning in a mirror yet (though I may try it because I'm impatient).  One I get the bodice to fit, I have to add the sleeves and fit those.  I'm sure they're too big, and the shoulders are gigantic right now.  With everything wrong, I'm still excited. 
I also finished the farthingale, bum-roll, and all of the chemise I can do without embroidery.  I cut out the front panel and the over-skirt panels.  Next I'm cutting out the paned sleeves so I can start embroidering them.  The over-skirt is made from my old navy curtains.  I plan to decorate all the intersecting lines with pearls and faux stones.  The paned sleeve will be burgundy if I have enough fabric (bought a random remnant).  I'm very short waisted and confident I will look quite the divine bovine in this.  Ultimately, the front piece will be lined so the hoops won't show through.

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