Sunday, December 4, 2011

Working the skirt - and another Dickens photo - L

I'm attempting the get the gathers 'just so'.  I had them nearly perfect and discovered another bit to add in.  So I tried to add more and messed it up.  Now I'm unpinning and re-pinning.  Here's what I had before I started messing with it.  I'm really glad I did the lace between the ribbons because I like it and it really wasn't that hard.

I took a break from sewing and being sick (again!) to create holiday cards.  And then I'm going to get a xmas tree set up.  All the while I'm thinking about the top I'm planning to go with this skirt.  I got the fabric yesterday and it refused to be photographed.  I'll have another go at it in better light.  I've seen about six styles of bodice that I like.  I need to edit my brain. I am going to create with bits of patterns that I already have and make up the parts I don't have, and am finding it difficult to avoid trying to cram all the things I like in one piece.  And I realize that a lot of things I like will NOT flatter my figure.  So my brain is going to churn away in the background while I'm making Christmas.

Here's a very silly photo of all our Dickens costumes (and my son in his Issun Boshi Halloween costume)

Robin's beau, in the vest and frock coat she made him (not quite finished here).
Robin in her 1850's full crinoline and bonnet.
Lisa in her 1870's Polonaise and straw boater.
Valerie in 1870's style we made together, and fascinator.
Her boyfriend in the vest and cravat Lisa made, along with a regular dress shirt with the collar tips starched to look Victorian, and the amazing jacket (a woman's size 10 long blazer with 4 inches of twill added in the center back and back collar - it should never have worked)
Zach - photo bombing as usual
We ended up doing a lot of last minute 'fixes' after this Thanksgiving dress rehearsal.

Now, back to the gathers...   Sewing cat, Tsunami, and I are making this face.
We are not amused.  Unlike Tsunami, I won't go pee on the laundry.  I will pin and un-pin and pin again.  And promise to never ever self medicate a cold with Chardonnay again.  (note - this does not work...not even a little)

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