Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another sewing day and an outing - L

We had another group sewing day.  As always, we seemed to work non-stop all day and get almost nothing done.  Robin made undersleeves out of muslin and trimmed them with lace.  She stretched out the process by making placket closures.  They do look nice.  Lisa made a cravat, stitched together a large decorative bow, sewed the lining in a vest and other necessary pains in the arse.  We also laid out the frock coat and starting cutting.  But then it was dark and we were tired and other snively excuses.  

We also wore out dresses to a Victorian Haunted House  (Rob was pinned together!).  Pics or it didn't happen.....check out the vest!

 Of course we stopped for dinner ahead of time and created a bit of a stir at the Indian Buffet.  We had a big fan though....a five year old girl asked her father to come over and tell us that she liked our dresses.  I actually coaxed her into coming over to our table to say hello. 

We are sewing again this weekend.  We promise to take pictures.  In fact we plan to stage some pictures in Lisa's very overgrown backyard.

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